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Looking for another speedy, cheap and healthy pot luck dish or appetizer? This skinny spinach dip from Bill Granger’s cookbook “Simply Bill” is not only low-fat but tastes like the real thing. As an added bonus you may have all these ingredients all in your fridge.

Spinach is one of those vegetables that wilt quick. When I notice it starts to get dark, I freeze it and it lasts for a couple months. Leftover spinach is great to add to soups, rice, or spinach dip!

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Skinny Spinach Dip with Yogurt

1 1/2 cups chopped spinach
2 cups plain yogurt
2 garlic cloves (crushed)
sea salt/ground pepper

Whisk together. Refrigerate until required.

Serve with pumpernickel bread or toasted pita chips.

Toasted Pita Chips

Greek pitas
Olive oil
Garlic salt, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika

Cut greek pita into 1 inch triangles and place onto bake sheet. Mix olive oil, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, paprika in small bowl. Brush pita triangles with seasoning. Broil in oven to about 5 minutes

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