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I tripped across two really great sites that make a meal out of what you have in your cupboard.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is at the top of my “go-to” sites. hosts thousands of health tips, recipes and “eat this, not that”. I am not only a loyal follower of their site but a subscriber to their daily e-newletter. That is how I found out about their great easy meal tool.

Make a meal in three easy steps by choosing a protein, side and vegetable. “130 delicious flavours, and thousands of possible meals.” It’s a great tool for the inexperienced or experienced cook to make more out of the basics.

Kraft Foods

Kraft foods has a similar tool with more possibilities and fewer boundaries. Type which three ingredients you have to create any type of meal. This tool is a little harder to use than the men’s health one because you enter your own ingredients rather than choose them.

Generally you will get more results by typing in one or two ingredients rather than three.

Kitchen Creation

The kitchen is a big experiment. You cook and learn. You make mistakes and always have baking soda nearby to put out fires in the stove.

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