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Second delicious invention! Last night I was going to be late for work so my wonderful boyfriend said he would get dinner going. “Just tell me what to do”. I was thinking something healthy, wholesale and easy. Salmon, Rice and Broccoli.

Last time we made salmon, I topped it with salsa which made it nice and moist. Last night we were all out of salsa so I suggested chopping some tomato and onion and adding a dash of hot sauce for a topping.

There was one thing to be healthy and another thing to eat bland brown rice. So rather than adding soya sauce, I mixed in canned spiced tomato sauce and fresh chopped parsley. Yum and so simple!

Fiesta Salmon
Salmon Filets
Diced Tomato
Chopped Onion
Dash Hot Sauce

Tomato Herb Rice
2 cups brown rice
2 cups water
1/2 cup or more of spicy tomato sauce (if it is mild or herbed that works too)
handful of chopped fresh parley

We finished off the meal with steamed broccoli seasoned with basic salt and pepper. We didn’t have wine because I am doing a cleanse but here is a link to some wine pairing suggestions for salmon.

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