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I planned on making these chicken pitas this week but never actually prepared for it. So in that case, the marsala wasn’t exact and the yogurt sauce was modified based on my pantry items.

Over all – 5 star rating for taste. I highly recommend the fresh cut tomatoes and raw red onions. The extra flavor really made it complete. I didn’t have the pocket pitas so I used regular whole wheat pitas and it was perfect substution.

I would suggest buying the garam marsala spice if you don’t have a large spice selection because there are quite a few ingredients. In my case I made marsala out of pumpkin spice, ground cumin and ground black pepper (missing the cloves, coriander and cardamom). But it actually turned out quite nice and still enough spice.

For the yogurt sauce, I used dry parsley and oregano in place of the fresh mint.

I have only had Indian food a few times from takeout or a buffet so I haven’t had much variety. I have made a curried eggplant dish once which was stellar but I missing a few spices which would have made it better. I saw a recipe for simple butter chicken so I think I will give that a try.

I would appreciate from advice from those of you that have experience with Indian cooking.I tried making basmati rice once it was a sticky mess – there is has to be a trick to it or maybe you just need more time. I’m not used to having to take care when making rice – thank you Uncle Ben’s instant.

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