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Eating and drinking before a workout prepares the body for calorie burning and strength building. If your body doesn’t have sufficient fuel before working out, you may experience light-headiness and not receive the full fat burning potential.

When and How Much to Eat Before a Workout

4-6 hours for a large meal
2-3 hours for a small meal
1-2 hours for a large snack
15-30 minutes for a small snack

Drink 500-1L of water 2-3 hours before your workout. Eat something salty if you are at high risk of dehydration to retain water. Read more about the importance of water for body functioning.

Type of Food to Eat

The amount of food to eat before a workout depends on your energy needs and requirements. Type of food or liquids to consume before a workout is:

  • low fat
  • moderate in protein
  • rich in carbohydrates (fruit,
  • water or pure fruit juice
  • skim milk

Examples: fruit (apple, grapes, orange, grapefruit, pineapple), whole wheat crackers and cheese/peanut butter, mixed nuts or trail mix, granola bar.

If you start to experience dizziness during your workout, you may not have eaten enough or consumed enough water. Take a break, drink some water and have a snack during your workout.

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