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Something I struggle with is committing to something outside of my normal routine. That includes exercise…. I will go on spurts for a while doing my zumba tapes or going to a yoga class, but after a couple weeks I am ready to start something new. The problem is that I get too excited about my “new” exercise obsession and over-do it. Most often when I start an exercise program, I don’t consider how it will fit realistically into my schedule.

Here are a few ways I have discovered to help get more exercise in your week.

6 Ways to Get More Exercise in Your Week

1. Set a workout schedule that is realistic: Look at your week and set time aside for your fitness activities. Set a date with yourself. If you can only commit to 30 minutes 3 times a week, that is totally fine. Make a commitment that is realistic and stick to it! The key to sticking to a program is to not think about it or over analyze it, just do it.

2. Find exercise that feels effortless for you: Whether it is a group sport, DVD from home, group fitness class or gym membership, choose fitness exercises that feel effortless to you. Do what comes easy to you and makes the time fly by. You will get more enjoyment out of exercise and be inspired to do it more often.

3. Get a workout buddy: If you find it hard to stay motivated exercising on your own, think about getting a workout buddy. When you are not feeling inspired, likely your workout buddy will be. This is where the no thinking part comes in, just go with it.

4. Choose fitness options that are convenient for you: This is an important element to get more exercise! If you are required to drive 30 minutes to your fitness class in the winter cold, that probably won’t last too long. Try your best not to let your exercise routine inconvenience you. You want to fully enjoy the time you have carved out for yourself and not stress about the driving/timing etc.

5. Remember the benefits of exercise: Remembering what you will receive from exercise will encourage you to do it more often. I love exercise because it cuts the fat, tones your body, acts as a good stress release and aids digestion. Think about these things before/during/after your exercise to stay pumped up.

6. Get Yourself Pumped Up! Remember those college days when you would crank up the tunes before going out for a night on the town? Do the same with getting pumped up for exercise. Start listening to your tunes list and get geared up to work it out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are frustrated/angry, use this as an optimal time to go for a power walk or run. It’s amazing how your frustrations will vanish and you will experience great clarity.

Get Up and Fit

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Another great way to get more exercise in the week is to make choices that will get you moving. Here are some examples that I find work well:

    Walk to work if you can. If it is too far, you can always park a short walk away from work.

    Take the stairs.

    Go for a walk on your lunch or breaks.

    Fit a random set of exercises like body lunges or squats.

    Stretch when you can.

    It may not seem like much but 5-10 min here and there certainly helps.

    Good article Jen!

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