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Eating healthy is not as hard as it is made out to be. You don’t need to have a wide extensive knowledge of nutrition to know what is bad for you and what is good for. Eating a healthy diet starts with making choices that serve your body to the highest capacity.

Here are the 3 Simple Healthy Eating Principles to Live By To Feel and Look Better

1. Eat Often

In any wellness plan, you will the secret to lose weight is to eat more often. Well there is a reason why all these wellness specialists are saying this – because it is the truth!! The more often you fuel your body, the easier it will be for this food to be processed. What happens when your body doesn’t receive the fuel it needs, is that is goes into “starvation mode”. So rather than break down the food that has last been eaten, the body stores it as fat because it doesn’t know when it will receive a recharge.

Eating 3 main meals with 2-3 snacks a day will keep your metabolism in high gear to break down your food in a way that best serves your body.

2. Eat Well, Feel Well

Choosing nutritious foods will have a huge effect on your mood and energy levels. Anyone feel great after eating pizza, chips and pop as their diet for the day??? I did this once and felt completely hungover for the full day after.. my body was like “WOAH What Are You DOING?!”. High sugar and high fat foods do not serve your body in any sense except to temporarily fulfill hunger. Rather your digestive system goes into high gear trying to break down these foreign substances.

Before choosing a food to eat, ask yourself “Does this best serve my body?”. Fill your meals and snacks with good proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables to feel and look your best. Eating well will improve your energy levels, improve the look of your skin and make your body system happy (helping prevent against disease and other health problems). Eating healthy is not hard, it’s about making smart choices.

3. Make Friends with Food

For people that struggle with their weight, this is one of the most important principles to connect with.

If you believe food to be the enemy, it will be. If you have a hate relationship with food, you will eat less often leading you into an extreme state of hunger; this in effect will cause you to bunge eat, grabbing anything in site. The problem with this scenario is during the times you are not eating, you body is storing fat. Also, when you binge eat, your body is so overwhelmed by the food ingested that is may not be able to break it down fully, leading to yet another fat storage.

Food does not make you fat, however the foods you have been choosing may be. Follow the two principles above to fuel your body efficiently, helping you develop a love relationship with food after you see the positive effects of a healthy diet.

Finally believe in your ability to make a positive change in your life. It all starts with a couple smart choices to lead you on your path to wellness. Get started right now!

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