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One of the key ways to maintain a healthy diet is to cook your own meals.

Benefits of Cooking Your Own Meals

  • Control the ingredients and limit calories
  • Save money!! When you buy premade, you are paying for convenience
  • Have fun experimenting with new recipes!

I started cooking way back in to easy bake oven days! As the years go on, you learn tricks from your friends, family, cookbooks and celebrity chefs. But, there are always some new things you like to learn to make meals tastier.

Learn Cooking Skills from the Pros for only $20/month

America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School is a great resources for beginners, intermediate and advanced cooks. For only $20/month, members have access to 100’s of In-Depth courses based on professional culinary school courses.

online cooking school

I have just started the course on stir frying to see if there is anything I could learn. In the first 5 minutes I found out I have been using the wrong heat setting, pan and oil, adding the garlic at the wrong time and missing the marinade for the meat. A few tips that I have learned from the pros will now make me a stir fry pro.

Make food taste great and enjoy food more! Happy Cooking!

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