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hearty meatless soup recipes

In the theme of Meatless Monday‘s this week, there isn’t anything I love more than a big bowl of a hearty homemade soup. I love making my own soups because they are so cheap and easy to make. Most weeks I will make a big batch of soup to have as lunch for the week served with a sandwich or crackers and cheese.

Here are some of my favourite meatless soups chalked up with great antioxidant rich plants and vegetable proteins. Big warm hug on a cold friggid day (which us Canadian’s understand).

4 Hearty Meatless Soup Recipes for Winter

If you are intimidated by making soup, know that it’s hard to screw it up (unless you dump too much cumin in the pot..which I have done..and sucks! little life lesson – don’t pour spices over the pot :P). With practice you won’t even need a recipe and will feel confident making your own concoction from your spice cupboard, pantry and vegetable drawer.

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