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January of the new year is typically the most popular for starting a new health regime. On my list of goals for the next 3-6 months is to do more yoga. I find yoga to be so rejuvenating and relaxing. When you carry a 20 lb baby around for a better part of a day, yoga can be extra great for loosening those tight muscles. I remember when I was working full time, yoga was great to relax my mind and stretch from body after sitting at a desk all day.

My favourite yoga classes are power yoga, hot yoga, yin yoga, and kundalini yoga. The power and hot yoga are more fast paced flow style classes that work on strengthening your core, back and leg muscles. The yin yoga is a more relaxing style of yoga that moves slower into each pose and focuses more on lengthening and stretching. And the kundalini yoga tends to bring out the `wild side` in you because it involves lots of chanting, sometimes awkward movements and breath work.

Since I am now a busy mom of a 5 month year old baby, I haven`t made a lot of time to dedicate to exercise since he was born. After a busy day, the last thing on my mind is to go out into the cold winter to drive to a fitness class. Once I get to the class I`m fine but most nights its a real push to get out the door. A fellow student at IIN, whom I am health coaching with, suggested myyogaonline.com to provide an affordable option to practice yoga from the comfort of my home. I love the option to try different styles of yoga and teachers. I am still planning on sticking to my once a week yoga class at the studio but it`s great to have the option to integrate more practice into my week without the extra cost.

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Are you making enough time for self-care during your week? What is something fun and rejuvenating you could do for yourself?

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