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On our life journey, we all reach many “forks in the road”. Sometimes we sit there on a fence for a good long while trying to rationalize what road to take. There is usually the choices of the “path less travelled” and the “safe route”.

The Two Forks in the Road

The “safe route” is a path that we have traveled before so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this adventure. It is familiar and often less risky. If we weren’t filled with an inner yearning for “something more”, this path is an easy choice.

The “path less travelled” is one that we have not gone down yet but fills our mind with curiosity and wonder. What often stops us from running down this path is the big “F” word… FEAR. Since we aren’t 100% sure what twists and turns the road will have, we fear that we will get lost and not know how to turn back if we wanted to.

So How Do You Choose?

When I am faced with a life changing decision, these are my “go-to” tools for making the choice that brings me the most happiness.

1. Make a Core Value List

A core value list includes what is most important to you in your life. By writing down what you value most in life, this will help you make a decision that best supports your future happiness.

For example, when I was trying to decide what I wanted in a career after maternity leave these are some of the things I was looking for:

  • work from home so I can be home with Brody
  • make enough income to cover expenses and add to savings
  • do something that I am passionate about

2. Make a Pros and Cons List

The pros and cons list is an oldie but a goodie. Right down your two (or three or four) options and starting making pros and cons for each. At the end of exercise, look at all your options and see which one best aligns with your core value list

3. Ask Yourself Some Powerful Questions

If your still not sure which path to chose, ask yourself these powerful coaching questions.

  • Which decision do you think will bring you the most joy?
  • Which decision gets you the most excited?
  • The choice that you are most afraid of, would you do it if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • What is getting in the way of you making the decision that brings you the most happiness? What do you need to do to move past that obstacle? Are you ready and willing to do that?
  • What will you need to give up in making this new choice? Is it worth it?
  • What will you gain from making this new choice? In what ways will your life be improved?
  • Imagine you just an ideal week. What 3 things did you complete? Which choice will most allow you to accomplish these things?
  • What’s your dream for this lifetime? Do any of the choices align with this goal?
  • If you were 90 years old and looking back on your life, what have you done to make you feel proud?
  • What other options haven’t you explored?

Questions are SOO SOO powerful. We all hold the answers to our truth, we need questions to bring those answers out. In my health coaching program I work with clients doing exactly this. I help them get unstuck by asking powerful questions that will allow the answers to come pouring out.

4. Make a Choice and Sleep On It

If you are toying with a couple options, one of the best ways to find out which one best suits you is to sleep on it. Choose one option in your mind and pretend like you have made a final decision about. Go about your day thinking you have made that decision and the next steps to commit to this path. Sleep on it a day or two and you will know if this is the right path for you. After a few hours or days if you are starting to get anxiety or a feeling of “heaviness” it may not be the right choice. Try again with another choice and see if that one feels lighter.

The principle of “light” and “heavy” are great tools to be used in making any sort of decision. I do it all in the time in the grocery store when looking at different products. To test this, be aware of how your body is feeling when you look at or pick up different products. You will get an inner knowing of which ones are better suited for you.

Ask Yourself: What is one way you could have more fun in your life?

One of the greatest gifts of life is to experience and spread joy. When making decision, keep this simple principle in your mind.

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