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Last night I hosted an amazing conference call sharing my tried and true tips for eating healthy on a budget. These are things that I have done both as a college student and stay at home mom on a limited budget. I love sharing any knowledge I have to make the lives of others better. Such a simple thing as encouraging someone to do more home cooking could add years onto their life.

If you have twenty minutes, I encourage you to take a listen to these wonderful ideas to get organized in the kitchen so you may make healthy meals for your family for less than $5/serving.

Here is a quick summary of the tips:

  1. Get Organized with a Meal Plan – Plan your whole week of meals for the week
  2. Avoid Overspending at the Store with a Grocery Plan – Having all the groceries you need in the house will prevent you from overspending to pick up odds and ends
  3. Make Money While You Shop – Pay with a credit card that gives you airmiles or points for payback
  4. Make Freezer Meals Instead of Buying Them – When cooking something like a casserole, cook two and freeze one
  5. Buy Local or Grow Yourself – Purchase a whole animal or take advantage of bulk meat packages from your local butcher and buy local or grow your own produce

The more you can cook and prep food at home, the more money you will save. In additions to the savings, home cooked food also has the added benefits of love being poured into the food and contains less junk (extra additives, preservatives and fats).

If you are new to cooking, I encourage you to start cooking the foods that you eat out or buy prepackaged most often. With technology, you can just Google a recipe now rather than trying to shift through 100 cookbooks to find a recipe you like. Start by following a recipe and as you get more confident, you will be able to make more dinners on the fly.

Happy Cooking!

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