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I had an interesting revelation this week about our pursuit to find our life purpose.

In my conversations with people, I have heard handfuls and handfuls of people that are consumed by the question of “what is my life purpose?”. What I discovered this week is that although we may not know it, we are ALREADY putting the puzzle pieces together to get to that grand masterpiece of our life. I believe we are imprinted with our life purpose already and have the inner knowing of what it is. We are drawn to certain people, courses, and experiences for a reason. We may not know why right now, but it is all part of the divine plan.

This rang true for me this week as I was putting together a meal plan for a women’s retreat hosted by a Devon Blackburn in my subdivision.

So let’s back up a little here to have this make sense.

Let’s look at my journey in life so far.

Looking back at my childhood, some of my favourite things to do were cooking in the kitchen, organizing groups of people to play games, setting up my little play house, and playing sports. In grade school I was awarded top athelete of the year. In middle school, I had the highest grades in our health projects. In high school, I had the highest grades in our marketing class. I went on to college to take my diploma in marketing and then worked for 5 years until I got pregnant.

The whole time in my marketing career I kept going back to health. I would circle and circle to find another program in health to go back to school. When I was near the end of my pregnancy, I found IIN, a year long program in health coaching. I thought perfect, I would love to be a health coach!

So what brought me to meet Devon, who is hosting the women’s retreat this weekend, is I connected with her last year because she was offering prenatal yoga. We had chatted about exchanging my marketing time for her class (so this is where the marketing card came into play in my life). Now that I am a health coach, she has brought me into her body training program to elevate her program in adding the nutrition component.

Long story short, I always knew that health education was something I was meant to do.

Looking back there were little clues, based on what I was passionate about and good at, to confirm this. I veered off the path for a little while doing marketing, which I now know I need now to market my business and connect me with other wellness program.

For the life of me, I could not have planned how I would get here today. What I have learned is to trust the process. Follow your passion (that thing that you love doing and comes easy to you) and it will lead you where you need to be. As you can see here in my story, you can’t always plan how you are going to get somewhere. You need to ride the waves and follow what’s true in your heart.

Another thing I learned this week as well is that “you are already being of great service to people”.

We can sometimes get caught up thinking, “when I discover my life purpose, then my life will start, or then I will be helping people.” Know it is true you are already helping SO many people in many ways. Again, all of the experiences you have had and all of the people you have met have been in your path for a reason. You always have been and always will be a gem in other’s lives. Remember that!

I hope you are inspired to let go of the pressure and race to get where you think you need to be. You are being guided and living your pursuit of your purpose already. Enjoy the journey.

If you would like to go deeper in exploring your passions, I invite you to download my ebook: Guide To Your Life Purpose.

On a side note, if you want those yummy recipes from the meal plan for the 3 day retreat, follow me this way...

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