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Mango Raspberry and Spinach Smoothie

Mango Raspberry and Spinach Smoothie   Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   For those that have never put spinach in a smoothie before may be intimidated. The great news is you don’t even taste the spinach but it does help balance out the sweetness of the fruit! Adding spinach provides a

healthy high protein breakfast ideas

Why To Eat Breakfast and Some Healthy Meal Ideas

Importance of a high-protein breakfast Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will set the tone for the rest of your day. The goal is to get as many superfoods in one meal as possible. Try to eat something 30 minutes after waking to give your metabolism a boost. “A high-protein breakfast may aid weight

Questions to ask yourself at the fork in the road

On our life journey, we all reach many “forks in the road”. Sometimes we sit there on a fence for a good long while trying to rationalize what road to take. There is usually the choices of the “path less travelled” and the “safe route”. The Two Forks in the Road The “safe route” is

Free Healthy Recipe Book. Yes Please!

In my health coaching program at IIN, there was a student that took on the initiative to compile recipes from those interested into a cookbook that we could giveaway to our clients and social followers. There are over 150 recipes from “health nuts” across the world in this great cookbook. You will see recipes from

Control Your Weight With Your Thoughts

I believe the concept that your thoughts create your reality – even when it comes to your weight. I think one of the best things we can do for our body, is to look at it in praise rather than in disgust. How often do you think something mean about your body? There are enough

Developing Love For Your Body As It Is Right Now

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our bodies. There is also something that we wish we could change. Whether it is our breast size, body shape, hair texture or eye colour. How freeing does it feel to accept your body as it is right now, without judgement and expectation. I love

Hearty Chicken Soup With Loads of Vegetables

Right now I am doing an elimination cleanse to determine a potential food sensitivity so I can’t have gluten, eggs, dairy, soy or corn for three weeks. The first couple days I was eating carrots and hummus, quinoa salad, nuts and smoothies all day because I wasn’t really sure what else to eat. I am

3 Great Spinach Smoothies for The Morning (Gluten + Dairy Free)

I tried my first green smoothie two weeks ago when I was looking for gluten free and dairy free breakfast ideas. At first I was intimidated by the idea of having spinach and fruit mixed together. I feared that I would just taste a cup of greens… which is not the most appetizing idea for

Healthy Habit #1: Drink More Water

We’re going to start this blog series “12 steps to dramatically improve your health” with a baby step of drinking more water. In theory this should be really easy to do, but the challenge is having water beside you to drink it. Benefits of Water There are SO many great reasons why you should drink

12 Easy Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Health

Every since I was a young kid I’ve been passionate about health. My favourite things as a kid were the easy bake oven, the play kitchen and playing any sport. Eating healthy, staying active and practicing self-care are things that come natural for me. I know that isn’t something that comes easy to all… Just

Pep In Your Step

Your health is too important to ignore, short-change, or stumble through based on advice you’ve found online. It is the foundation on which the rest of your life unfolds. Join me on a journey to get unstuck and on track to a healthier, fuller and possibly even longer life.

- Jen Feeny

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