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Free Healthy Recipe Book. Yes Please!

In my health coaching program at IIN, there was a student that took on the initiative to compile recipes from those interested into a cookbook that we could giveaway to our clients and social followers. There are over 150 recipes from “health nuts” across the world in this great cookbook. You will see recipes from

Low-Fat Banana Bread

This is my go-to banana bread recipe by Joy of Baking This is one of the few baking recipes I have committed myself to. It is super moist and best of all low-fat! It is much lighter than your typical banana bread recipe which can be heavy. Low-Fat Banana Bread   Print Prep time 15

Guilt-Free Low Fat Brownies

Low fat brownies for girl’s night…umm yes! This flavour-punched brownie recipe is made with yogurt!! I was asked to bring dessert girls night tonight and wanted to try making something different. Having half of tub of plain yogurt in the fridge, I wondered if a recipe brownies made with yogurt existed.When I performed the search

Neapolitan Coconut Bars

3 words about this recipe – oh my gosh!!!!! I have recently inherited recipes from my great aunt (96) and her mother. I had my great aunt Anne over the other weekend for soup and tea when we ended up looking through the recipes. I got to hear all the stories of who this recipe came from,

Vegan Chocolate Cake

This Vegan Chocolate Cake has been shared on two top rated vegan recipe sites – and – and I understand why. I made these vegan cupcakes the other day for a holiday party and they got rave reviews! They taste just like the cake mix you buy in store – with no eggs

Coconut Chai Inspired Breakfast Cake

I brought this chai-inspired breakfast cake to a pot luck last week for dessert- absolutely delicious! Technically it is a “breakfast” cake but it worked perfect as a satisfying dessert after a big supper. Tastes like you are eating something rich in calories but your tummy and butt don’t feel it after. This recipe was

Pep In Your Step

Your health is too important to ignore, short-change, or stumble through based on advice you’ve found online. It is the foundation on which the rest of your life unfolds. Join me on a journey to get unstuck and on track to a healthier, fuller and possibly even longer life.

- Jen Feeny

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