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3 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself To Help You Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

In all my studies to become a health coach, I have learned the power of questions to make a real transformation. We all search for the magic path to our destination externally – by asking our friends/family/mentors, looking for resources online etc. – but the best answers of how to get to point A an

Are you overwhelmed with a full plate???

Do you feel like you are drowning in obligations? When is the last time you felt like you could kick your feet back without guilt? I am totally guilty of putting too many things on my plate and it seems to happen very fast! One minute you are coasting along thinking this is great, I’m

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Last night I hosted an amazing conference call sharing my tried and true tips for eating healthy on a budget. These are things that I have done both as a college student and stay at home mom on a limited budget. I love sharing any knowledge I have to make the lives of others better.

Free Healthy Recipe Book. Yes Please!

In my health coaching program at IIN, there was a student that took on the initiative to compile recipes from those interested into a cookbook that we could giveaway to our clients and social followers. There are over 150 recipes from “health nuts” across the world in this great cookbook. You will see recipes from

Healthy Habit #1: Drink More Water

We’re going to start this blog series “12 steps to dramatically improve your health” with a baby step of drinking more water. In theory this should be really easy to do, but the challenge is having water beside you to drink it. Benefits of Water There are SO many great reasons why you should drink

12 Easy Steps To Dramatically Improve Your Health

Every since I was a young kid I’ve been passionate about health. My favourite things as a kid were the easy bake oven, the play kitchen and playing any sport. Eating healthy, staying active and practicing self-care are things that come natural for me. I know that isn’t something that comes easy to all… Just

Unlimited Yoga Online For Only $9.95 a Month

January of the new year is typically the most popular for starting a new health regime. On my list of goals for the next 3-6 months is to do more yoga. I find yoga to be so rejuvenating and relaxing. When you carry a 20 lb baby around for a better part of a day,

Month of Meatless Mondays: Family Friendly Dinners

A hot trend in nutrition right now is Meatless Monday’s. By eating meatless one day a week, you can decrease your risk of preventable health problems and your carbon footprint. Read more great benefits of meatless monday’s. A challenge in some families (who are meat eaters) is finding a well balanced and filling meal that

Why Cravings Are a Good Thing

If you receive a craving for a big slab of chocolate cake, a big handful of salt and vinegar chips or bacon cheeseburger, you have received your bodies message that it needs something now. The good thing about cravings is that they are indicator of you what the body needs. The ironic part of it

Ultimate DIY Duster and Use For Mismatched Socks

Nothing pisses me off more than a basket full of mismatched socks. The basket tends to sit there on top of the dryer in hopes that the pair will soon turn up in future washes… But its chance luck if all the lose socks find their mate. Today I thought why not use these lost

Pep In Your Step

Your health is too important to ignore, short-change, or stumble through based on advice you’ve found online. It is the foundation on which the rest of your life unfolds. Join me on a journey to get unstuck and on track to a healthier, fuller and possibly even longer life.

- Jen Feeny

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