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Pesto Pasta with Chicken

This recipe is dedicated to the pasta lovers to make a really delicious and flavourful dish without adding cheese. And your mouth will drop when you see how super easy it. Literally 4 ingredients, done in 15 minutes. Speaking to the busy professionals or families, we simply don’t have time sometimes to chop up vegetables. This

Downloadable PDF with 3 Days of Quick, Healthy and Cost Effective Meals

I was pleased to be asked by my good friend Devon if I would plan meals and snacks for her 3 day women’s retreat! As you can tell from my blog already, I love to cook! So I was super excited to share some of my favourite quick, cheap and healthy meals. Click the image

Free Healthy Recipe Book. Yes Please!

In my health coaching program at IIN, there was a student that took on the initiative to compile recipes from those interested into a cookbook that we could giveaway to our clients and social followers. There are over 150 recipes from “health nuts” across the world in this great cookbook. You will see recipes from

recipes for eggplant

4 Healthy Recipes for Eggplant (Great Meat Alternative)

The other day as I was going through the checkout line in the grocery store with my egggplant, the cashier said “oh wow eggplant.. I’ve always wanted to cook with it but don’t know what to make”. Eggplant is one of the vegetables in the store that not many people add to their cart because

Month of Meatless Mondays: Family Friendly Dinners

A hot trend in nutrition right now is Meatless Monday’s. By eating meatless one day a week, you can decrease your risk of preventable health problems and your carbon footprint. Read more great benefits of meatless monday’s. A challenge in some families (who are meat eaters) is finding a well balanced and filling meal that

Dinner Tonight: Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash and Steamed Vegetables

Who doesn’t love a homemade gourmet dinner in 30 minutes or less for $5 a serving? I do! This recipe earned a double thumbs up from the husband. Even my 4 1/2 month year old was drooling over the smell of dinner (he’s also teething :p) What I also love about this meal is that

Black and Blue Steak Salad

It is hot hot hot out there!! With 30+ degree weather the last thing you want to do us heat up the kitchen or eat a heavy meal. This flavor and protein packed salad will be sure to satisfy your hunger without making you bloat. This salad is a favorite that I would pick at

Sweet Potato and Caramelized Onion Quiche

What brings peace to my world is to cook in the kitchen. When I feel like I have chaos in my life, it is usually also true that I am doing little of the things that I love. It doesn’t take much to melt my stress away by getting some fresh air and cooking up

Homemade Grilled Turkey Panini

This sandwich is AMAZING! If I want to have a quick dinner that feels like I ordered it from a restaurant, this is what I make. This homemade grilled turkey panini takes like a grilled cheese but there is no cheese. Absolutely melts in your mouth and the dijon mustard gives it a great kick

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Yum!!! Every time I got the BBQ Chicken Pizza from Kelsey’s, I wanted to melt into my chair because it was so good!! Here is a recipe for BBQ chicken pizza that you can whip at home for the family (or yourself!) This recipe to make after “chicken night”. Simply cook an extra breast to

Pep In Your Step

Your health is too important to ignore, short-change, or stumble through based on advice you’ve found online. It is the foundation on which the rest of your life unfolds. Join me on a journey to get unstuck and on track to a healthier, fuller and possibly even longer life.

- Jen Feeny

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