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Lunch & Learn Program

corporate wellness program ottawaA lunch and learn program is a great opportunity to provide your employees a fun and informative hour to learn more about how they can improve their health and energy levels. Leading to great productivity, focus, confidence and immunity.

During this workshop I will share:

  • how to stay healthy on the go
  • nutrition tips to stay energized throughout the day without 6 cups of coffee and the 3pm crash
  • quick and healthy breakfast, snack and lunch ideas to keep you fueled throughout the day
  • how to stay focused on your health goals & stop the cycle of on/off again dieting

This power hour will leave employees and managers with practical information that has the power to change the course of their life.

I believe that what you fuel your body with changes your energy and reality. The more goodness you put into your body, the more goodness you attract into your life. It’s also true that as one person in the office makes a shift, it effectively changes the habits of those around them.

This information has the power to transform the energy of your whole office environment – creating a sense of more peace, clarity and abundance.

Our corporate wellness seminars are available anytime during the day that is most convenient for your team. I will travel to your office in the greater Ottawa area. To learn more or to book a workshop, please contact me at 613-220-3126 or at


About Jen Feeny

Jen Feeny is a holistic health coach with a passion for nutrition, healthy living, and self-development. She loves inspiring and educating people on the simple tweaks they can make in their life that will transform their energy levels and enjoyment in life. She is certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she was trained in over 100 nutritional theories and works with clients to develop custom wellness plans based on their unique makeup. As a entrepreneur and mom, she knows what a busy life looks like and how to stay healthy when on the go and/or on a budget. She is passionate about empowering people in the workplace to show them how living a healthier lifestyle can translate into more abundance in all areas of life.


Pep In Your Step

Your health is too important to ignore, short-change, or stumble through based on advice you’ve found online. It is the foundation on which the rest of your life unfolds. Join me on a journey to get unstuck and on track to a healthier, fuller and possibly even longer life.

- Jen Feeny

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