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hearty meatless soup recipes

4 Hearty Meatless Soup Recipes

In the theme of Meatless Monday‘s this week, there isn’t anything I love more than a big bowl of a hearty homemade soup. I love making my own soups because they are so cheap and easy to make. Most weeks I will make a big batch of soup to have as lunch for the week

Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (inspired by Joy of Cooking)

This is my new favourite recipe. The first time I took a bite of this roasted vegetable lasagna, I almost melted. So much pleasure in one bite. I am extending this gift for you to experience for yourself. For you meat-eaters out there, the unexpected reviews from the meat advocates in my life were “I

Homemade Turkey (or Chicken) Potpie

Yum! If I am going to eat turkey for a week straight..this what I want to be eating! Yum! I ave made chicken pot pie with biscuit crust a couple different times but never tried the labor version with homemade crust. At first I wasn’t too sure how this crust was going to turn

Spinach Lasagna

The great thing about a lasagna is it is quick, easy and lasts a few meals (depending on how big your family is). This spinach lasagna is a great alternative to the meat lasagna which can sometimes be heavy. WARNING there is a lot of garlic in this recipe! YUM I like using whole wheat

Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie

I find the more you cook, the better you can improvise. This is MY first recipe on this blog that didn’t come from looking at a cookbook. And it was DELICIOUS – even if I do say so myself. Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 1 hour Total time