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weight-loss-coach-ottawaI am Jen, holistic health coach.

In my work I specialize working with busy professionals who have noticed their health is started to take a toll in the last few years. This could be weight that keeps creeping on, feeling chronically tired or in pain.

I have SO been there and I get it! Especially as a business owner and mom of two little ones right now, I know how the balancing act can be taxing on the body. And how it can be hard to make time for healthy choices, especially harder if you don’t know why you are feeling this way and how to fix it.

In my own health I have suffered from digestive issues (leaky gut and candida), gluten sensitivity, adrenal fatigue, and headaches – so I know all about how stress can affect the body. Stress can also translate into weight gain, hormonal issues and other things for different people.

As a health coach, I am here to help you create space for yourself and to be an investigator into why you may be feeling this way. Then helping you make changes in your diet, exercise and self-care to get on the path to wellness.

If you are done struggling or trying to figure things out yourself with why you aren’t feeling well or weight loss, I would love to help you. Book a complimentary consultation (with zero sales pressure) to explore what may be the root of your issue & get on the path to feeling better today.

Weight Loss Testimonies

private-weight-loss-coaching-ottawa“Since starting the health coaching program I have turned my lifestyle around, committing to a regular exercise routine and being more proactive in preparing meals for the week. In 3 months I have lost almost all of the weight I put on – about 25 lbs of the 30. I am in much better shape, playing with my son as he is starting to crawl around now, don’t have trouble breathing walking around the house and my clothes are fitting a lot better now. I have been doing the program for about 3.5 months out of six and have noticed big and better changes.”

– Kenny
(engineer, 28)

“It’s been 3 weeks since Jen and I started working together. Before working together I was on the verge of having to go up in a pants size – that was the final straw to make some changes! Jen has helped me create a daily exercise schedule & meal plan healthy foods. In the past 3 weeks I have already lost 10 pounds and my pants (that we’re too tight before) are falling off! 30 more pounds to go in the next 6 months together, I can see that we on the right track.”

– Sally (52)

One on One Coaching Credentials

Health Coaching Certification: Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2014) – Holistic Health Coaching Program

My Coaching Approach

I don’t believe in “magic” pills or working your guts out to lose the weight. My approach is really about helping you eat healthier and doing exercise that is enjoyable & sustainable. During the program you will learn WHAT to do and WHY – giving you life long tools to get the weight off and keep it off.

I believe the everyday choices we make have the power to heal. In helping clients with weight loss, we focus on eating right and moving the body to help lose the weight naturally but most importantly heal the body inside out.

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