Client Testimonials

My First Client – ME

jenfeeny In regards to health and wellness, I practice what I preach. In order to be successful in helping others, it’s important to give back to yourself first. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is paying attention the damaging effects of stress.

After I had our first baby, I couldn’t help but notice that I didn’t have the same energy levels as previous to the pregnancy. I thought ok, it’s probably just lack of sleep. But as I started getting full night sleeps, I realized I still didn’t feel “quite right”. After trying everything in the book to figure out why I felt so slow, I discovered the bio-marker test to check for candida, leaky gut, cortisol levels and vital nutrient levels.

Turns out I was off the chart for EVERYTHING!! That would explain why I was feeling so “meh”. My protocol was to turn down the stress, up the probiotics, magnesium and multi-vitamin, and reduce sugar/wheat/dairy intake.

I am so thankful for the health coaching program I was taking so I had the tools and knowledge to get me through it! Going through this process and seeing that something else could be at work making you feel less than 100%, has inspired me to help others that are feeling like they are functioning on low gear. I have added the bio-marker test to my health coaching program and provide support to those in cleaning up their diet and stress levels to get back to their peppy self again.

Health Coaching – Weight Loss & Boosting Energy Levels

When I entered into middle age and contemplating retirement, I wanted to change the things in my life that were keeping me from living a healthy and vibrant life.  I wanted to play an active role with my family and friends and I discovered I did not have the energy or motivation to do this.

There is so much information and self-help books but I did not know where to start or which information was relevant to me.  Jen guided me through this maze and provided me with the resources to help me achieve my goal. Changes in my diet were made gradually and at a pace that allowed me to absorb these changes that will now be permanent. Activity levels were discussed and suggestions made about exercise regimes that were easily handled.

Handling stress was an aspect that needed to be addressed before any of these changes could successfully be made.  Resources about meditation, relaxation techniques, and coping strategies were made available and discussed often in our sessions.

I am most grateful to Jen for coaching me at a time in my life when I needed a ‘tune-up.’  Jen was able to draw from many sources and organize and integrate it into an individualized plan. Jen provided written material and emailed me often with encouraging notes.

I never felt intimidated, rushed, or frustrated.  I felt comfortable to ask questions and to express my feelings in response to the changes I was going through.  Jen was very understanding and sensitive and could relate to these feelings as she does indeed ‘walk the talk.’  Thank you, Jen, for being there at the ‘cross road’ in my life and for bringing back the ‘pep in my step!’

– Kathy
(retired nurse, 56)

Health Coaching – Stress Management

Jen’s support and insight has helped me to understand myself much better and address the deeper issues at hand. With each session I get closer to finding out what truly works for me and my family and how to find that “life balance”. Although I am still a work in progress, I know with Jen’s  guidance and support I will reach my wellness goals.
– Kerry
(marketing consultant and health coach, 30)

Health Coaching – Weight Management

Since starting the health coaching program I have turned my lifestyle around, committing to a regular exercise routine and being more proactive in preparing meals for the week. I have lost almost all of the weight I put on, about 25 lbs of the 30. I am in much better shape, playing with my son as he is starting to crawl around now, don’t have trouble breathing walking around the house and my clothes are fitting a lot better now. I have been doing the program for about 3.5 months out of six and have noticed big and better changes.
– Kenny
(engineer, 25)

Life Coaching – Uncovering Life Purpose

Wow…. Thank you honey for that wonderful coffee time this morning!!!! I have to say that I am beyond grateful for being on the receiving end of the ” quit procrastinating and step out of my comfort zone box ” that is what I called it anyway . Who would ever think that a little 30 min chat would clean up a lot of ” clutter” I didn’t realize I had !!! You helped me uncover that fire within with your insightful questions, no judgement,and wonderful listening skills. The genie is out of her bottle now ….Jennifer you are such a beautiful daughter with soooo much knowledge in so many areas. I am so proud and so thankful for you . I wish you the very best in your new endeavor ! So powerful… those questions .  I think everyone should challenge themselves and uncover that fire within…I am so happy I did :). Xoxo
– Janet
(reiki master and home stager, 50)

Business Coaching – Taking Business To The Next Level

My coaching session with Jen was transformational! Jen genuinely cares about what your want out of life and what is holding you back from surrendering to the the goodness of what you want to experience! Jen understands the true meaning of “letting go” to what no longer servers you!
– Delia
(mediator and life coach, 50)

Energy Healing

Although I had heard about energy healing for a long time, I only just finally tried it last week with Jen. I remember asking her, is there anything I need to prepare or do? She smiled and said, nope, just come and relax. And that’s what I did. I know it sounds simple, but seeing as I normally have such a hard time falling asleep or relaxing, how I relaxed after a few deep breathes was beyond me. I may not know exactly how Reiki and Access Bar healing work but they definitely do with the right person.

Jen is very intuitive, calm and confident. She picked up on things she had no way of knowing and helped me release them. It has now been over a week since I had my session, and I can confidently say that the effect was immediate for some aspects, and for the aspects that weren’t, the improvement definitely showed during the week. Thanks again Jen!

– Joyce
(financial advisor, 30)